How to Authentically Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

When You Become Your Potential, the Women Most Guys Go Chasing After are Drawn to You

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The Well Defined Man

Every so often in a man's life comes a woman that just blows him away. She's attractive, she's smart, she's stunning, she's independent, she’s confident, and she's the real deal.

Who are you when that woman comes into your life and is standing before your very eyes?

The Well Defined Man is a journey to transform into your full potential, so when she meets the man of her dreams; she's looking at you.

Your Transformation Has Three Stages


Inner-Game Transformations

If you struggle with approach anxiety, being placed in the friend zone, nervousness around women, not thinking you're worthy of talking to attractive girls, lack motivation, drive, purpose, or direction in life; this training module releases your limitations so you transform into the most confident version of yourself.

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Fashion, Communication Skills, & Charisma

By the time your internal transformation is complete, you'll finally have transformed into the best possible option for any women who is right for you to be with. This is the stage of your journey where you improve your external attraction, fashion, and influence skills so you can truly connect with the woman of your dreams.

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How to Not Be 'That Guy'

You know the type, the one the girls try to avoid and get away from. They are seen as creepy or weird by women, and they don't know why. Often times the things we do (which seem so right to us) are simply mis-interpreted by women that trigger fearful emotions. By understanding female psychology, you'll know exactly how to become the man women are attracted to.

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How to Finally Increase Your Self-Worth & Attract the Relationship of Your Dreams

Instead of Trying to Become Someone You're Not, Authentic Attraction is About Connecting with Who You Are at Your Core. When You Do This, The Right Girl Will Be Attracted to You.


You'll be at the point where you can connect with virtually any girl at any level; never feeling as if anyone is out of your league ever again.


Develop the ability to confidently approach the girl of your dreams without the nervousness that held you back before.


Never be left with those awkward gaps in conversation that makes everybody feel uncomfortable.



Espeically for those of us who were not born naturals, there are ways to become more charismatic around those in your life.


When you finally understand what goes on inside women's minds and emotions; this course on female psychology will prevent you from ever being called 'creepy' again.


While most guys go out there for the latest pickup lines, fashion trends, and cologne; authentic attraction is when you become your potential on the inside, so you never have to go chasing after girls again. The right ones will be magnetically drawn to you.


Create an interesting lifestyle that attracts high-quality people to you.

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grow your personal and professional life to new levels

The Well Defined Man Transformation is more than attracting the girl of your dreams. It is about optimizing every area of your life to step into your full potential and live the life of your dreams.

become a man on your purpose

There is nothing more attractive than being a man who knows what he wants in life and goes after it at all costs.

increase your net worth

When you become a man of value (to yourself, and to the world around you); your self-worth will attract the type of career, income, and lifestyle you deserve.


What Is Authentic Attraction?

Everybody deserves to be with the person who is right for them.

While most guys go out there looking for ways to put on a front, put their best foot forward, and cover up who they are; The Well Defined Man is a transformation to release 'all those things wrong with you' so you connect with who you are at your core.

And when you do that, you'll naturally and effortlessly attract the right women into your life; to want to be with you for who you already are. And that's authentic attraction at our very core.

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